Junipurr Jewelry

An awesome growing new brand in legit body piercing jewellery!

Implant Grade Nickel free solid gold, hand polished, threadless, fast shipping, very reasonably priced... What else could one wish for?

Pay Attention!

The Ends are sold separately from the posts!

That is because if you have a post that works with this type of closure, you don't need another post, you can go ahead and change ends on the same post.

You don't have a post for threadless jewellery?

Find them here on the webshop.


Are you a professional piercer or studio owner?

Do you want to know more about these pieces and maybe even set up a wholesale account?

You're at the right address.

Soesha is, as it happens, member of the Junipurr Jewelry Pro Team! Don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to know more.

Or surf directly to their website and register for an account using access code Soeshapiercing!

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