"All Jewellery Is Measured In Millimeters Here,

But Here's A Handy Conversion Table For You."

How do I  measure my jewellery and what should I look out for?

There are different types of jewellery and these all have different sizes and you should know which size you need to purchase for your piercing. We are talking about thickness (gauge), length, width (diameter), and accessoiry size. Most sizes are measured in millimeters.

Size (c on the picture above)

This is the thickness or gauge of the part of the jewellery that passes through the fistula (through the skin if you will) of the piercing.

You can find a Gauge conversion table on the Soesha website.

To find out which size you need so it fits well.

Length (A on the picture above)

This is the length of the post of the jewellery. The balls or threading are not measured for this.

Diameter (B on the picture above)

The diameter is the length of the widest part of circle shaped jewellery, such as a circular barbell or ring. Also, sometimes the size of an accessory such as a screw on ball is also measured by the diameter.

Accessory size (D on the picture above)

The accessory size is the size of the balls on the barbell for example.


The witdth is mostly the width of the part that holds the skin. This term is mostly used for flesh tunnels and plugs and such.

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