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Threadless Faceted Paw Print End White Cubic Zirkonia

€ 90,50 (including VAT)

Threadless Faceted Paw Print End  

 With High Quality Cubic Zirconia Gems

for 18g, 16g, 14g threadless jewellery,

outside diameter 5.3mm.

Gem Chart 1

By Industrial Strength

For Internally threaded jewellery only

Use these posts:

Industrial Strength labret post

"Implant grade means it complies to ASTM F136, in titanium. In most cases that is, because the newer issued ends from Industrial Strength are actually one step better! 

Namely, ASTM F1295. This titanium is not 6Al4VEli but 6Al7Nb. Which means the V for Vanadium is no longer there, Niobium is at its stead. This because, apparently, studies showed that there still was a mild resistance from some people's bodies to the vanadium element in the composition of ASTM F136 Titanium. And we're talking about a very small percentage of the world’s population.

But there's more: All jewellery from Industrial Strength is polished by hand. This results in a so-called mirror finish. What that is? Well, see for yourself.

These two enormous qualities are actually very important in body piercing jewellery. And that's why Soesha carries it. Hand polished means no friction. A hole through your body is first a wound, so the jewellery should be an implant. Then it’s a scar, so your jewellery should be an implant.

With that I mean the jewellery should be made of the same materials, with the same attention and the same properties as an implant has. But pretty of course! Well, there you go.

Industrial Strength know what they're doing. That's why they guarantee their jewellery for life. Gem falls out? You get a new one. Threading breaks off? You get a new one. Gem discolours? You get a new one.

And, of course, I personally inspect all pieces that arrive in Soesha's shop, before it even gets in the displays. This way I can potentially send a piece back for repair or anything else even before it even gets to you."

N.B.: The post is not included. This is the end only.

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-life time guarantee-

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