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Online Consultation

€ 35,00 (including VAT)

"If You Need A Personal Consult, But Can't Come Over To The Shop, You Can Now Also Get This Service Online."

Add this item to your shopping cart and submit your order. After purchase you will receive an email with the a questionnaire. See below how to go about this.

  1. ​Print it out,
  2. Fill it in (or print it, fill it in and scan it back to you device).
  3. Email it to info@soeshaduka.nl (don't forget the attachments).

Consults are processed within 48 hours (according to the openinghours of Soesha, SoeshaDuka and The Infirmary) after pruchase. 

Pay Later Is Not Possible For This Item. 

N.B.: Forms will not be processed - without warning - when:

  • The form is incorrectly filled in, unreadable or incomplete,
  • Attachments are missing,
  • The photos are unclear, badly lit, not focussed.
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