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Pure Emu Oil

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You can use emu oil for the care of any piercing, even if it’s still fresh or irritated.

This is the exception to the rule of no using ointments on a piercing that is not fully healed yet. Even if it’s called an oil, emu oil is really more sort of a lotion. It does work great as a lubricant fore jewellery insertion and for stretching. It penetrates the skin well and leaves little to no residue. Emu oil is very soothing right from the moment you’ve put it on the skin. These beneficial properties stimulate to use the product regularly. It’s also recommended to use on swelling, pain, infections, granulomas, keloids, piercing pimples… It’s also often used for the care of tattoos and for the stretching of piercings. Pure emu oil can also safely be used in the inside of the mouth as it has no taste and it’s completely hypo-allergenic.

Emu oil is made of the stored fat from the Emu (flightless bird from Australia that looks a lot like and Ostrich).

The abundantly present fatty acids (such as omega 3, 6 and 9) in emu oil help against pain and swelling and doesn’t clog the pores. It prevents dehydration or stickiness of the lymph and thus prevents crusties and scab formation. Emu oil also helps to recover bruises, striae, scarring, keloids and redness as a consequence from acne…It restores the fatty acid properties in dry, damaged, tired and aged skin; it is very effective against infections and yeasts. It penetrates the skin effectively by nature and thus the beneficial properties can be used fully on to all 7 layers of the skin.

Emu oil penetrates the dermis deeply and serves as a secondary food source for the cells.

The skin consists of different layers of dead skin cells (epidermis) and layers of living skin cells (dermis). The dead layers present a waterproof barrier. This also prevents most oils and ointments to really penetrate the skin.

Emu oil works differently.

In the deeper layers of the dermis, the skin cells are surrounded by fat that serves as a foodsource. The fats from emu oil are comparable to those in ours own skin cells Our skincells cannot discern their own food source from that from emu oil. Thanks to that emu oil penetrates deeply and all the beneficial properties can be used entirely to our advantage.

This product is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans!!

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