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No Pull Piercing Disc

€ 4,50 (including VAT)

The No Pull Piercing Disc

The Original.

Not to be confused with the cheap knock-offs that some have started selling ever since Soesha introduced the Original product on the European Market. The Original No Pull Piercing Disc is made of implant grade medical silicone and is FDA approved. The cheap knock-offs are not and will worsen the situation you are trying to remedy.

"The Solution Against Piercing Pimples And Many Other Common Piercing Problems."

  • These are very small transparent discs to be put on the bar of your piercing jewellery between your skin and the top of your jewellery you would put one on either side of the piercing. By the slight pressure from this on to the bump or redness, symptoms will fade away slowly but surely. It has been proven to be affective already after 2 weeks of consecutive wearing of these discs. This works also on oral piercings. No one is really sure how this type of silicone works, but physicians have used silicone for wound healing for a very long time. It’s “thought” that light compression, along with natural moisture helps to realign the collagen; therefore smoothing out the damaged skin. It works.

  • The No Pull Discs are to be slided on to the bar of the peircig between the skin and the end of the piercing. You put a disc on each side of the piercing when possible.

  • It has proved to be effective already after 2 weeks of consecutive wearing. This works just as well on the carilage as on other peircings and also on oral and genital piercings.

  • Doctors have used silicone for a long time already to dissolve scars and promote healing. Light pressure, in combination with natural humidity help the skin recover its collagen and thus heal stronger and faster.

  • Wear these during 2 to 6 weeks for the best results.

  • These, ordered from SoeshaDuka, are sterilized in a legitimate piercingstudio (approved by the Dutch Health Department) Each sterile package holds two discs. This way you can use the discs directly without risking to expose your already weakened system to bacteria.

The effectiveness of these no pull discs are not guaranteed and do not substitute any medical treatment.

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