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Online Consultation
Online Consultation

Online Consultation


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"If you want to book a personal consultation, but are not able to come to the studio, you can now also do this online."

More information about how a consultation occurs IRL can be foundhere.

The costs for the materials have been removed because they are obviously not made in this case. Furthermore, no time is tied to this because it is sent by email with a form of information and photos. So it can go on for as long as it takes to answer your question or help you solve the problem.

I will make an assessment based on the information you give me.

I make those on my side of the PC, so you don't see that, so you don't see how much time I spend on it.

Then I type a detailed answer, which I email to you.

My answer includes the following:

  • what it could be,
  • how to fix it,
  • what it takes,
  • what it is based on
  • what is causing the problem,
  • what you can do best in the long run,
  • how you handle this
  • where you can read this
  • and when I'd like to "see" you back to monitor the improvement.

Just like an IRL consultation.


Add this item to your shopping cart and pay. After checkout you will receive the questionnaire by e-mail. Below is how exactly you approach this.

  1. ​print it out,
  2. Fill it in (or print it out, fill it in and scan it back on your device.)
  3. Mail send it to info@soeshaduka.nl (don't forget the attachments).

Consultations are made within 48 hours (according toopening hours van Soesha, SoeshaDuka and The Infirmary) after checkout.

Pay afterwards isNot Possible For This Item.

N.B.: Forms will be sent - without notice -not taken into consideration when :

  • The form has been completed incorrectly/incompletely/illegibly,
  • Attachments are missing,
  • The pictures are unclear.