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  • FREE shipping on orders of €45 (only in NL)
  • FREE shipping on orders of €45 (only in NL)

Special Order Terms and Conditions

Terms And Conditions For Ordering And Delivery Of Special Orders And Custom Orders

  • After deposit is paid, ordered items are reserved for you. You will be notified of any updates for your order.
  • A deposit of 50% is required for such orders.
  • When the ordered items have arrived in the shop, you will be notified. (Your personal information given by you for this, will only be used for this order and nothing else; this information can be viewed by you and requested to destroy by you). An e-mail will be sent to the address you submitted when ordering, keep a close eye on spam and/or junk folders just in case you miss something. If the shop receives no reaction within 7 days, another attempt will be made to contact you. 
  • If the purchase is cancelled after a deposit, 20% of the deposit will be charged for administration fees.
  • If the items haven't been picked-up and paid for or paid for (via SoeshaDuka.nl) and ordered to send to the address of your choice, 3 months after being notified (meaning 3 months after either a phone communication from both parties or 3 months after an e-mail being sent to your address and read and/or responded to) of your order being ready, all rights and reservations as well as deposits concerning this order are lost, and the items will be put up for sale to the public. (personal information with which this order was originally placed will be destroyed from our files).
  • Soesha cannot be held accountable for incorrectly ordered sizes of jewellery. 
  • Soesha cannot be held accountable for loss of contact because of incorrect contact information. (Your personal information, correctly or incorrectly filed, are always at your disposal. May it or may it not be by request).
  • Delivery times of custom-made jewellery may vary from 2 weeks up to 6 months.

All personal information you have given to Soesha.nl, SoeshaDuka or SoeshaPiercing: The Infirmary is treated confidentially and can always be viewed by you (your information, that is, no one else's of course) and be requested to destroy, by you.

Have a look at this article for more information about ETA's and procedure.

For questions about the online store or about an item, contact info@soeshaduka.nl. For information about piercings, prices... Check out the website and social media, send an email at info@soesha.nl or call/WhatsApp 0702148937