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  • FREE shipping on orders of €45 (only in NL)
  • FREE shipping on orders of €45 (only in NL)

About us

"Duka" Means "Shop" In Swahili

"Swahili is a language spoken in Tanzania and other African countries.

Amongst others, the African culture and traditions were what sparked my interest in bodymodification."

Soesha Is Run By Emmie Velders

Emmie Velders has been a Professional Body Piercer for over 10 years. Soesha focusses on personal and also human advice in body piercing, aftercare and fine body jewellery.

She is also trained in First Aid, Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Dermatology, jewellery materials, implant materials and bio compatible materials.

She also has more than 12 specialist certificates to her name, acquired both in The Netherlands and on an International Level.

Of course, she works only from licensed Piercing Studios. Licenses issued by the GGD (Dutch Healthcare Department).

Since 2016, Soesha works from a fixed location, her Piercing Studio on the Badhuisstraat in The Hague, The Netherlands. Which, as it happens, is also the only Piercing Specialist Studio in The Hague.

Soesha also owns and runs the well known blog Soesha.nl since 2007.

Amongst The Services Soesha Can Provide Are:

Piercing procedures

Jewellery curations and instalments

Hands-on consultations and (jewellery) advice

Jewellery ordering, Custom jewellery orders

Order Pick-Up for orders placed online 

"You Can Find Me On The National List Of Safe Piercing Studios Issued By The Dutch Government."

For questions about the online store or about an item, contact info@soeshaduka.nl. For information about piercings, prices... Check out my website and social media, email me at info@soesha.nl or call 0702148937